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Team Assignments

By WTCP Directors , 05/03/19, 11:15AM CDT


WTCP teams are split up by grade attending in the fall with some teams including multiple grades as follows:

  • Mascot Cheer: Kindergarten & 1st grade
  • Bantam Cheer: 2nd grade
  • Junior Pee Wee Cheer: 3rd grade
  • Pee Wee Cheer:  4th grade
  • Featherweight Cheer: 5th grade
  • Junior Cheer: 6th grade
  • Junior Varsity Cheer: 7th grade
  • Varsity Cheer: 8th grade
  • Varsity Poms: 7th & 8th grade

Each team will soon be assigned a Team Page on this website that will be  accessible when logged in here and in the SportsEngine mobile app.