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Get answers to frequently asked questions

Who is WTCP?

  • (WTCP) Warren Township Cheer & Pom, NFP  is a recreational cheer and pom program teaching the fundamentals of cheerleading and dance offering a season full of fun and friendship for kindergarten through eighth graders.

‚ÄčWhen does the season start?

  • Our season runs from July through December and includes performing at weekly Warren Township Youth Football games, two parades, a pep rally and various cheerleading and pom competitions.

What does it cost to join?

  • $500.00 for Residents of High School District 121. $550 for Non-Residents. 

How do I pay my registration fee?

  • Payments are made online with a credit card of check.

  • There is a $3.25% processing fee for online payment plus $1 per online transaction.

  • A short term payment plan is also available.

Are there attendance requirements?

  • Due to the effect on the team from absences, attendance is required. Those not meeting the attendance requirements are subject to dismissal from the program. Therefore, 7 missed practices or 2 missed weekend games are allowed.

  • 1 missed Choreography Camp counts as 2 missed practices.
  • 1 missed Parade counts as 1 missed game.

Am I required to volunteer?

  • Yes. A $175 check post-dated for December 1 will be required for each registered child as a promise to complete a volunteer requirement. The check is only cashed if the volunteer requirement is not met.

What does the registration fee cover?

  • Mandatory Warren Township Sports Fee, uniform/costume (including hair bow and/or accessory) and regular season competition registration fees.

What “extras” do I pay for?

  • Cheer Shoes to be worn at indoor practices and competition.

  • Athletic Shoes for games that need to be all-white for cheer and poms.

  • A Game Bow, which can be purchased at uniform fitting from a local vendor.  Your Game Bow can be a simple blue, gold or white ribbon, if you choose not to purchase a bow. Hair needs to be worn up and off the shoulders for games and practices.

  • State Championship registration fees.  Should your team advance to the State Competition, these fees will need to be paid by you and are not covered by initial registration fees.

  • Warren Wear (Spirit Wear) is optional and is available for purchase several times during the season.

  • Pictures are an optional purchase. We encourage all girls to have their picture included in the team photo regardless of the decision to purchase photos.

Why do we fundraise?

  • Fundraising is done so that we can maintain a reasonable registration fee for our program.  We do offer a buyout option if you choose not to fundraise.

Why do we need to volunteer?

  • With over 200 participants in our program, volunteers are essential.

Why don’t we hire professional coaches for our squads?

  • We are a recreational cheer program. We abide by the rules of the Illinois Recreational Cheer Association which allows each squad up to 12 hours of outside professional coaching. We do use professional choreographers for our routines and music.

Can you send home paperwork with information throughout the season?

  • We have found it is most effective to use our website and Facebook page to communicate quickly with families. Paper copies are very expensive for a program of our size.

Why is practice held outdoors in July and August?

  • We are fortunate that we have such a large township park that we can all practice in one location. We are unable to secure space inside Warren Township High School’s Almond Campus and Woodland Middle School on a regular basis until school begins. School events take precedence over WTCP practices.

Why do practices switch to two nights per week once we move inside?

  • We are limited on the number of nights we are able to rent our practice facilities. Every squad is guaranteed two nights of practice during the week. Because our program is so large, we will mainly practice at Warren Township High School and Woodland Middle School.

Can I observe indoor practices?

  • Our insurance policy only covers participants, coaches, managers and directors.

What is the reason for such specific practice attire requirements?

  • For the safety of all the participants we require a full t-shirt, gym shorts, spankies and gym shoes be worn to practice. No jewelry, of any kind, or tank tops (or camis) may be worn.

Is there a way to get the football schedule sooner, so we know which games we are cheering for?

  • We cheer at games for Warren’s Youth Football League, which is part of The Chicagoland Youth Football League (TCYFL). This organization consists of communities across Chicagoland, which results in hundreds of teams. TCYFL works diligently to secure game field locations but has to wait for confirmation on the availability of the fields. Once locations are confirmed, there is one person who schedules all of the games for TCYFL. As soon as a complete schedule for a specific weekend is released, we assign squads within approximately 24 hours and then send the message out to you.

What is the State Championship?

  • The Illinois Recreation Cheer Association (IRCA) holds a State Championship the first weekend in December each season. It is a very exciting event that showcases teams from across the state of Illinois. It is a true celebration of all our hard work throughout the season. Registration and daily entrance fees are an additional expense.

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