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First day of practice

07/24/2017, 8:15am CDT
By WTCP Directors

The first day of outdoor practice is Tuesday, July 25.

Reminder: Per policy, any participant that misses more than 6 practices during
the season OR more than 2 games during the football season will become ineligible to compete with their squad during the current competition season as well as lose their priority registration for the following season.

Rules for practice

  • Arrive promptly at 6:15. Being late will result in a tardy mark.
  • Be sure to walk your athlete out to the field and make contact with your Team Mangers. Do not just drop off your athlete at the field.
  • For safety reasons, athletes will NOT be released alone from practice.  For athletes to be dismissed, parents are required to come to the practice or game space and make contact with the Team Manager.
  • All athletes should bring only water to drink during practice.
  • All athletes should use the restroom before practice.
  • Athletes with long hair should have hair up in a pony tail.
  • Apply bug repellent and sunscreen on your athlete before practice. Because bug repellent is considered a medical item neither Team Mangers or Directors can apply it.

Allowed practice attire:

  • Full T-shirt
  • Athletic gym shorts
  • Spankies under gym shorts
  • Gym shoes for outdoor practice

Items NOT allowed:

  • Tank tops or camis of any kind
  • Cut/sliced t-shirts
  • Hooded shirts or sweatshirts
  • Yoga pants or Spankies alone without gym shorts over them
  • Jewelry, piercings, necklaces, bracelets, activity wristbands, bobby pins etc.

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